Monday, 24 October 2011

Zombies!!! The Zombiewalk, and how to be a zombie!

The 9th Annual Zombiewalk just took place on Saturday. I was there of course and decided to write it up here.

1) I scared a lot of people along the walk route, a lot of screaming girls were left in my wake. there is a joke there somewhere! lol

2) The Wedding of Thea and Adam before the start of the walk was fantastic, one of a kind wedding that no one else could ever top!

3) I was very sore after it was all done, my feet hate me!!

4) I was very glad that my white contacts lasted one more time. they really make the costume!

5) One girl had full red contacts that made her eyes look filled with blood, I would love to get them in the future.

I have heard people say that they dont have the talent or the stuff to do a zombiewalk, oh please!! if everyone who didnt have the talent or the stuff didnt do the Zombiewalk, there might be 10 people max at it. A lot of people just splattered some blood on them and then didnt bother to act zombie-like. But you know that is ok, if everyone put the kind of effort I do into the Zombiewalk, I wouldn't stand out as a creepiest Zombie there. Not only do I dress like one, do the make up very good, put in white contacts, I also act like one, I know how to scare em, I constantly scan people to pick out targets to scare and how to scare them. Not everyone can be scared in the same way, the girl with her face in a camera can be walked up to and scared, but the ones paying attention have to be stalked in order to get a good scare out of them. One guy saw me walking up to him and his girl and he moved just as I came up, I took his place and grunted, She screamed so loud I thought she was gonna die. My Zombie clothes have shifted a bit as time goes by, I took an old pair of jeans with a rip in the knees, a dress shirt (I will never wear that came in a two pack, I wanted the other one only) a pair of runners that were going to be thrown out and started smearing on fake blood, I then poured cold tea on them, and ran them through the potted plant's soil. along the way I have added real blood from beef, chicken and pork, and some of my own. I also took a lighter to them in places. I added a T-Shirt under the dress shirt, a long sleeve red shirt under that, a pairs of long johns covered in blood where the rip in the knee shows through and a tie for the wedding, all bloodied, dirtied, ripped, burned and abused. after each use, I put them back in the bag and put them in the closet, No washing these, soon they may get up and walk away by themselves lol. If you want to do a zombiewalk, first advice is to bring out your imagination, second is to use google for advise and help, and pictures of course. Third is to be prepared, bring whatever you need to fix up your makeup, water is good. Forth is to take advantage of your chances to go to the bathroom when you need it, dont be in the very back of the walk, when your done in the bathroom, you may find yourself without other zombies and last but not least have fun out there. its your walk!!!

Friday, 7 October 2011

War for Cybertron 2

War for Cybertron 2 has now been titled: Fall of Cybertron

release date: not confirmed yet / Summer

cover is here:

shows Grimlock as a Cybertronian T-Rex

another look is here:

shows Bumblebee damaged.

this means it officially dumps the G1 Sunbow cartoon series due to Grimlock was made on earth in that series.

I am looking forward to the toys this will generate the most. Grimlock will be for sure. any guess???

on the road again.

Well thanksgiving is here and time for turkey and a bus trip.

today I am in the middle of a double shift (16 hours) 8 down, 8 to go! then I go directly to the bus station and take a 10 hour 45 minute bus trip to Sault Ste Marie Ontario from Toronto. I will get to see my family and friends and hopefully eat a lot of turkey and bring back lots of food :) most likely wont be online much, no internet unless I find a sweetspot. so until next time this the rambling trooper saying keep your blaster on stun and don't shoot the bulkheads -TK3636 out.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Like I really need this....

Well... here I go wondering into blog territory for the first time since the old days when I used LiveJournal. I cannot promise to blog often but I will try.

first a little intro about me!

1) I am an all around Sci-Fi guy. This means I like all sci-fi but with a heavy love for Star Wars and Transformers.
2) I have a wondering here and there collection of Transformers toys and comicbooks.
3) I collect Starwars stuff but not as much as you would think.
4) I am a Stormtrooper in the 501st. Yes I dress up in white plastic, I help raise money for Make-A-Wish!! what do you do on your weekends!!
5) I am an avid Wrestling Fan. My Brother's fault for making watch when I was young.
6) I have loved and watched Doctor Who since the 3rd Doctor, I am not that old, I have a Tardis, just kidding I am that old.
7) If I had a choice of changing careers, I would pick: Pirate!
8) I RPG whenever I can, not as much as I used to. RPG stand for Role Play Gaming not whatever dirty thing you have in your mind.

so now that is over, in the words of Captain Hector Barbosa: "What are ya looking at, get back to work"

talk to you soon