Wednesday, 11 April 2012

time to catch up

It sure has been awhile since I have wrote in my blog, I do that from time to time.
so let's catch up.

1) Convention season has started, I have already went to one (Toronto ComiCon put on by Fanexpo) had a blast.
2) had a few problems with my armor, changed over to some snaps instead of all velcro and then busted a couple snaps I didnt put on properly, thankfully spare velcro and a roll of white duck tape was in my bag. all those have been fixed since.
3) I had an E11 blaster from a friend on a pay later handshake, I have given it back since it was more cost efficient to convert a hasbro E11 I already have. the kit was ordered from the UK and I already did the build. hopefully I will get around to doing a step by step blog with pictures.
4) I have a voice amp I found on ebay coming in the mail. Cannot wait to have it set up in my armor
5) I have placed with velcro a Walking Wounded Detachment patch on my left shoulder bell. WWD is for all 501st members who suffer with a disability, my bad left knee, my arthritis, my back problems and the problem I suffer with my left eye, (muscle spasms, clamping up, drifting)  qualify me for this detachment.
6) My transformer collection has grown, I have a couple things coming in the mail, G1 HotRod from the UK, should be here by monday, The better knockoff mini version of the G1 Constructicons. should be here from China next week too. Plus I picked up locally G1 Thrust and one of the last G1 Constructicons I needed for the real set (still need one more and then all the pieces to add on to make the gestalt Devestator) I also picked up the Transformers Prime Starscream, I really need to update my list soon and put it up here.
7) this weekend is AdAstra and Wizard World but I am only doing AdAstra, should be a good time. I love convention time.
ok so that is it for now. -TK3636 out

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